The History

It was a rainy, stormy summer night, the time was 3:33 am.  I found myself sitting on my desk, in front of my computer.  What was unusual about this (other than sitting on my desk) was that I had already gone to bed at 11:00 pm that night, and I had no recollection of myself getting out of the bed, turning the computer on, or getting on top of my desk.  But what I saw on my computer screen was even beyond unusual.  I was looking at a freshly made background pattern! (a great looking one too, I may add) I could not believe my two own eyes; "How the heck did I do that?"

This strange behavior repeated every week, and a couple of months later, I was diagnosed with a rare disorder called "Pattern Lover's Sleep Disorder", but the cure for it is yet to be discovered.

So, that's how my pattern making got started.  Since I can't really use up all these lovely patterns myself, I decided to share them with people in need of such things, maybe someone like you.

Well, enjoy them and used them well...  and wisely...

New Patterns  (Patterns of the Moment)
Two latest patterns, usually updated every week.  One web pattern, and one desktop pattern.

Web Patterns
Perfect for your web page backgrounds, the text is easy to read on these patterns and they are very small in file size, which means they won't add much downloading time to your pages!!!

Desktop Patterns
Much larger in image size, but still not that big in file size.  You can use them for web backgrounds if you wanna get funky, but I would not recommend it.

Latest News!

Professional Photography Service In San Francisco
These days I'm a professional photographer in San Francisco!!!  I mostly do Maternity Portraits and Headshots.  In any case, check it out.  It's what I spend nearly all my time on now!

Older News

My Photo Illustrations
Wondering what kind of gal I am?  This site will definitely answer that question.  It isn't another one of those "I love Leo!" kind of homepages, it's actually fun and interesting!  (well, that's what many people have told me anyway) In case if you are saying out loud the phrase "I'm from Missouri" right now, I pulled out some actual quotes from the letters that people (total strangers) from around the world have written to me about my photo site.

- C. Frost from UK

"Thanks for the enjoyable web site.  The photos were amusing and engaging.  Your site is well laid out and functions nicely, too."
- Sherry

"Hey, I stumbled on your page and think you are pretty cool.  You have a great sense of humor, your layout was eyecatching and interesting and I liked your photos.  i am not sending you any money, but for what is worth, i think you are talented."
- Chip Seay

"I really like your stuff!  Hope you are actually earning your living doing that and that it is not only the "labour of love" that it appears!"
- Dean Thomas from Penticton, B.C. Canada

"I've been doing commercial for a few years now and I don't think I seen someone with your natural talents in some time.  You have a great eye and excellent technique.  You are a natural.  I look forward to seeing more of your work."
- Phillip Franklin

Web Page Design by Me!
YES!  I can design a perfectly functional, efficient and great looking web site that will simply suit your needs!!!  You can find out all about my "User Friendly" web services here!

Free Banner Backgrounds
Don't know how to make an advertisement banner, but need one to promote your web site?  This site will provide you with nifty banner backgrounds.  All you need to do is add your own text to 'em!  Of course, they're made by me, myself, and I.  Totally free, totally awesome... (I mean the banners)

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